pwcorgigirl (pwcorgigirl) wrote in housefic,

On This Winter Night With You

Title: On This Winter Night With You
Author: PWCorgigirl, with generous assistance from blackmare.
Rating, warnings, genre, characters: Rated for mid-teens and up. Refers to the premise of A River Out of Eden by nightdog_barks and blackmare, in which Wilson was cured of cancer. Title swiped from an old Gordon Lightfoot song. 3,574 words.
Summary: They'd both fallen off the map: a man who should have died and didn't, and a man who everyone thought was dead but wasn't.
Many thanks to my fabulous First Readers for their input and beta work: nightdog_barks, blackmare and perspi.

It was winter, and they were still traveling three years after Wilson should have died but didn't.
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