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So I don’t know if anyone still posts here or uses this comminity anymt but on the offchance that someone sees this, i will be very grateful. I am looking for a fic i read maybe 1-2 years ago, i can not remember the name or who wrote it. I remember it was. House/Original Character pairing and I normally don’t read those but it was good, I remember the OC was female and was from Australia or london, she was a New doctor at PPTH and she and house met on the elevator. They eventually start dating and they get married and i think have a child. I remember house goes to meet her family, sorry that my memory sucks but I’ve been trying to find this dic for days and would appreciate any help
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Because - John POV - House, M.D. - Gen - FRM

By angelfirenze

Disclaimer: Heel and Toe own the characters. The Raconteurs. "Consolers of the Lonely.". Third Man Records, Warner Bros. Records, 2008. Rise Against. "Appeal to Reason.". Interscope, DGI Records, 2009.

Summary: This was one mystery he had no desire to solve.

Notes: I haven't written House fanfiction in a very long time. Maybe with this distance, I can enjoy myself and get back to my other stories.

Part Two

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It's Hard to Define (when you're in denial)

Author: It's Hard to Define (when you're in denial)
Category: House M.D.
Rating: NC-17
Wordcount: 1,454
Pairings: House/Wilson
Warnings: None really
Summary: He can't really define their relationship. He's pretty sure that they're friends, at least he considers House to be his friend, but until now he's never felt the need to define it. They've never actually slept together, he's not even sure that he wants to, and as he pins House against the wall of the elevator, he can't even remember how it started.

Author's Note: Yay, my first House fic and my first slash fic at the same time. Whatever happened to those days when i swore I'd never write slash? XD Well here it is, from Wilson's POV. It's not beta'd, but if anyone is interested feel free to message me!


Housefic: Safe Shot

Title: Safe Shot
Author: pwcorgigirl
Warning/rating/word count: The sequel to A Good Shooting. Rated for mid-teens and up for description of a drug overdose. 2,890 words. AU for most of the Tritter-arc from the series.
Summary: Wilson takes a stand, and they both suffer for it.

It happened, Wilson realized much later, right under his nose. All the times he'd been concerned about House mixing Vicodin and alcohol, and he'd never suspected this.

And it all started with a cop with the clap.

The rest is here.
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New Comm: House, MD "What-If"

Announcing a new House community focused on speculative fanfiction. The housemd_what_if comm grew out of the House What-If Rec List project and includes fic categories such as After Death/Afterlife, Creatures/Mythical Beings, Magical Realism, Science Fiction, and many more.

To kick off the comm we have an author interview series and our first prompt table. We will be posting the author interviews periodically so you have a chance to interact with each author in the comments section. We hope you also get inspired to create and post fic in the "what-if" genre. See you there!


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Calling - by stephantom and angelfirenze | House, M.D. | Gen

by stephantom and angelfirenze

Disclaimer: David Shore, et al. own the recognizable characters.

Summary: John had just come in from mowing the lawn in the backyard.

Note: Extremely AU because it takes place in season...four three, since it was 2007 when this RPG originally started. I'm just using the journal stephantom bequeathed...er, let me have, to write fanfiction ideas and this particular thread that intrigued me was never finished and kept coming back to me.


"This better be good," he said in a grumpy tone.
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On This Winter Night With You

Title: On This Winter Night With You
Author: PWCorgigirl, with generous assistance from blackmare.
Rating, warnings, genre, characters: Rated for mid-teens and up. Refers to the premise of A River Out of Eden by nightdog_barks and blackmare, in which Wilson was cured of cancer. Title swiped from an old Gordon Lightfoot song. 3,574 words.
Summary: They'd both fallen off the map: a man who should have died and didn't, and a man who everyone thought was dead but wasn't.
Many thanks to my fabulous First Readers for their input and beta work: nightdog_barks, blackmare and perspi.

It was winter, and they were still traveling three years after Wilson should have died but didn't.
Mind Trip

Because - John House | Greg House - House, M.D. - Season Three - AU - FRT - John POV

By angelfirenze

Disclaimer: Heel and Toe own the characters. Eminem. "Recovery.". Aftermath Records, Interscope Records, Shady Records, 2010.

Summary: That was when the impasse had begun to form, John now realizes. And his son hadn't been the one to dig it, he knows now.

Notes: I haven't written House fanfiction in a very long time. Maybe with this distance, I can enjoy myself and get back to my other stories.

John forced himself to wait in the hall, listening to the judge tell this Tritter sonofabitch that his son was as far from a criminal as he was from a sailboat.

Author's Notes: This story, however it turns out, is dedicated to Aaron Swartz. Alav Ashalom.

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Revelation in Atlantic City (a House M.D. fanfiction)

Author: ViolettBlack

Chapter: 1/1 Oneshot

Genre: het/gen

Rating: T 13+

Pairing: House/Wilson

Word Count: 1115

Spoilers/Warnings: Set after the episode 5.17 ‘The Social Contract’

Summary/Info: House and Wilson are in for a surprise while visiting Atlantic City

Legal disclaimer: I don’t own the rights of the characters used in this story and don’t earn any money with writing this fanfiction!


House, Wilson, Thirteen, Cuddy and Lucas belong to the creators of ‘House M.D.’ on Fox/NBCU, Heel & Toe Films, Shore Z Productions, Bad Hat Harry Productions

Job belongs to the creators of ‘Banshee’ on Cinemax

Captain Thomas Gregson belongs to the creators of ‘Elementary’ on CBS

A/N: Whoever gets the reference to a (sadly short lived) TV series from 1985 gets a virtual cookie!


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