May 8th, 2007


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Title: For Every Closed Door (1/?)
Fandom: House MD/Dead Like Me crossover
Author: Starling
Rating: R overall, for swearing and graphic description
Characters/pairings: House, Original Characters, mention of House/Stacy. Eventual House/Wilson.
Warnings: Afterlife!Fic. Thus, by necessity, also a death!fic, but not depressing. Also has spoilers for For Merry Little Christmas and Meaning.
Summary: "Life sucks, and then you die. And then it still sucks."
Obligatory Disclaimer: I don't own, write for, or produce either of these fabulous shows. I'm just a geek with too much time on her hands.
A/N: I'm borrowing the premise of Dead Like Me, not the characters or the plot. You don't need to see DLM to understand this (but you should watch it sometime, because it's fantastic.)
Unbeta'd. Anyone interested?
Concrit feedback is most welcome!

For every door that closes, a window opens somewhere else.
-some optimist with no sense of reality

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violet HBIC

Bloodlines, Chapter Nine - Quarantine

TITLE: Bloodlines
AUTHOR: maddoggirl
RATING: A++++ for Wilson-sufferings :D
SUMMARY: Civil War AU. Even on opposite sides of a war, Fate has a way of bringing them together...

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New chapter

Title: Glass Walls

Author: Adrenalineshot

Rating: T

Pairing(s): None

Summary: When a new patient lands in House's hands, it becomes clear for him and his team that more is at risk than this man's life. Letting him die might mean losing one of their own in the process. Spoilers up to season two.

Chapter 8, part 1

Chapter 8, part 2