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House Fan Fiction

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Fan fiction for the television series House. All fic welcome (slash, gen, and het). If you post fic in the community you are strongly encouraged to post it in the House Fan Fiction Archive as well. ;)

Looking for a particular fic? Don't post your request here: try hmd_finders!

Re: Spoilers
Spoilers are to be placed behind a cut, be it in discussion or fic. Fic descriptions should never contain spoilers.

Re: Discussion
Discussion of the show is permitted (it is to be assumed that all such posts should be at least in some minor way related to plot bunnies/characterization/theories, etc.). However, discussion of the actors and their other projects should be confined to communities such as hughlaurie, and anything not directly related to plot lines and characters (e.g. what critics are saying, promotions for the show, icons) should be posted into house_md, houseicons, or where ever else.

Re: Fanart
If you've got it, post it (behind a cut)!

Re: Spam
This community has now (unfortunately) been set to "moderated" membership. I don't want this to discourage anyone from joining, it's just an attempt to keep out spammers.

Re: Adverts for other comms (new rule as of September 30th, 2005)
You must ASK PERMISSION before you are allowed to advertise any new comms. If you comm is not specifically related to House, then please THINK TWICE before you ask.

Re: Posting beta requests
Please do not post beta requests to housefic. Instead, join our sibling community, housefic_beta, and post it there.

Fic headings should mirror the following format:

PAIRING: (if none, specify Gen)
WARNINGS: (includes spoilers)
NOTES: (if any)

Questions? Comments? Suggestions? Contact hoskie.

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